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  • Honey Bees in the Hive making Propolis
  • Propolis “bee penicillin” or “bee glue” is a precious and rare compound produced by honey bees from the resins or plants.
  • The word PROPOLIS is reputed to have been coined by Aristotle, from the Greek words pro (before) and polis (city), meaning, Before The City, or Defender Of The City.
  • Bees chew the resin, mixing it with their own pollen, beeswax and secretions to make a sticky glue which they use to line the entrance and interior of the hive, repairing cracks and protecting from infection.
  • The beehive is one of the most sterile environments in nature. Propolis is used to sterilize the honeycomb cells that contain the larvae, as well as the cells that store the honey and bee pollen. Propolis is also placed at the entrance of the hive to form a tunnel. Bees crawl through the tight tunnel of propolis to enter and leave the hive and are disinfected as they travel

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