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10 Ways to protect our bees

If a colony found itself with a food shortage, all the food would be shared amongst all the members, up until the end. A beautiful example of solidarity.
Simply Bee Honey Bees entering the hive
  1. Stop using insecticides. Simple really - just do it.
  2. Avoid seeds coated with insecticides. You may not know it but many seeds are now coated with Clothianidin.
  3. Read labels on garden compost. Beware hidden killers. Some garden composts contain Imidacloprid – a deadly insecticide disguised as ‘vine weevil protection’.
  4. Plant Bee-friendly plants. Buy wildflower seeds from seed merchants, and sow sown in any spare patch of ground.
  5. Create natural habitat gardens. Let some space in your garden go wild. It’s a safe haven for bees and other insects.
  6. Become a beekeeper. Beekeeping is a most enjoyable, fascinating and interesting hobby and you get to eat your own honey! If this is too much consider offering space in your garden to local beekeepers. You can become a bee keeper, of sorts, by raising Mason Bees or simply have suitable homes in your yard.
  7. Buy local honey. Support your local beekeepers.
  8. Make your own ‘Wild bee’ house. Providing a simple box as a place for bees to set up home is very helpful to the bees without requiring you to look after them. Ideas for such boxes can be found online.
  9. Get Active! Sign petitions.
  10. Spread the word!

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