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12 Reasons why Honey is good for you

Honey Bees in the Hive
  1. Honey is a great source of simple sugars, minerals and vitamins.

  2. Honey provides fuel to the brain and energy as well as aiding digestion.

  3. Honey acts as a sedative, relieving insomnia.

  4. Despite being sweet, honey blocks the growth of oral bacteria and tooth decay.

  5. Honey aids in the killing of “bad” stomach bacteria.

  6. Honey treats burns, infected wounds, ulcers and most allergies.

  7. Honey aids in the cure persistent coughs, sore throats and blocked noses.

  8. Honey helps to fight diseases of the nervous system.

  9. Honey aids in preventing Osteoporosis.

  10. Honey helps in the protection against cancer.

  11. Honey promotes fertility.

  12. Honey aids in regulating blood pressure and slows oxidation of “bad” LDL cholesterol, therefore assisting in protecting you against heart disease.


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